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Our hydrology consultants comprehensively evaluate the risks and opportunities to developments associated with surface water, providing clients with the necessary management and design decisions. These evaluations cover hydrology and catchment behavior, potential effects of diversions and changes in ground conditions, as well as detailed flood risk assessment, modeling and management to enable continuity of operations. 

Our consultants source the necessary data to develop reliable rainfall and flow analysis.  This in turn allows them to determine the distribution of average, design and extreme events in all settings, ranging from temperate, humid to arid and hyper-arid climates. 

Through integration with our project engineering design teams our consultants ensure that hydrological risk issues are identified at an early stage and that appropriate mitigation measures are incorporated into the project design.  This ensures that the design process avoids over design and/or retrospective redesign, producing significant cost savings for the client.

We have expertise in all aspects of hydrology including:

  • Catchment characterization
  • Water resource appraisal for run-of-river and reservoir supply schemes
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling
  • Design of diversions, water supply dams, regulated releases, invert level and spill-ways
  • Rainfall analysis
  • Statistical analysis of historical rainfall and flow data and determination of annual recurrence intervals
  • Flood risk assessment (FRA) and real-time flood forecasting
  • Design of flood mitigation measures to ensure operational reliability, personnel safety and protection of key assets and infrastructure
  • Reservoir flood, discontinuance and river restoration studies
  • Flow and water quality monitoring
  • Water balance modelling
  • Stakeholder engagement
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